Selasa, 21 Agustus 2012

Refresh my feeling !

Assalammualaikum guys..

Last Eid , i go to my village.. For meet my datu ( my grandpa's mom) , she still alive Alhamdulillah with her age 90 years old :) And i meet my big family, my vdatu's home beside beach. And in the afternoon after silaturahmi with my family. I go to beach with some family. I go to beach with my uncles,my uncles still young his age 20 year old yeah.. My uncles so rock guys :p Really have fun with my fam, see you next Eid Fitr insyallah.. I must go to Jogja for my collage...Mwaaahhh.. Miss you All <3

Check this out <3

Hold my cousin

Play with water

The beach

with lovely cousin

My name :)
cousin and the uncles

In the end after play , we are eat banana with cheese

My Outfit :

Hijab : Unbranded
Angry Birds Shirt : Malioboro (Yogyakarta)
Pants : Dian Pelangi (
Rainbow Bangles : Malioboro (Yogyakarta)
Sandals : Matahari DS

10 komentar:

  1. seemed like you had a great day with your friend

    1. Thank for your comment but in this photo not my friend but my family :) :*

  2. I follow you and I hope you will reciprocate...

    1. I follow you back dear.. Thank you so much <3

  3. Hi dear, thank you so much for following me, I follow you back! xx

    LOVE J

  4. soo cute.. I love your photos :)




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