Rabu, 12 September 2012

Blue like sky

Assalammualaikum guys..

Alhamdulillah we can meet again, only one photos at my new post..
This photos about my first time at University, Alhamdulillah now i'm student from Ahmad Dahlan University.

And my simple style for go to University , this is it. Enjoy <3

My Outfit :

Polka Hijab : Kivitz
White t-shirt : Momma collection
Belt : ITC Mangga Dua
Bag : Rumah Warna
Skirt : Mangos

12 komentar:

  1. Waaaaah asiiiik yang uda kuliah xD
    Tambah asik lagi karna pake polkadot di hari pertama.. Cantik ^^

  2. congrats you're on uni now! cute hijab :D

  3. You look amazing in this outfit! I really like the color combination used! :D

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    1. Thank you dear, and insyallah i view some link..
      I hope too can see you dear..

  4. Wah cantik,,,,,wow udah kuliah selamat ya.

  5. Salam, this is nice :) I love the looseness of your clothes which is the basic principle of hijab :)



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