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November Interview : Indah Rianti Putri

1.Hello ! Assalamualaikum
Wa'alaikumsalam warahmatullah wabarakaatuh..

2.Please introduce yourself ...
My name is Indah Riyanti Putri, for simple just call me Indah. I'm 20 years old (going on 21 next November). I'm a medical student of Gadjah Mada University in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. I wear hijab & I PROUD OF MY HIJAB.

3. What you're activities now ?
Busy with some campus things.. Insya Allah will finish my studies on this semester.
I'm also a blogger *you named it*, my blog is http://indahrp.blogspot.com
And just a few weeks ago I'm also be a part of Mari Berhijab (@mariberhijab), a movement that help to inspire Muslimah who wears hijab or other Muslimah who wants to wear hijab.

4. When did you start to have blog ?
For a blog that I have nowadays (http://indahrp.blogspot.com) has been written since June 2012. But before this blog, I've often post via tumblr (http://indahrp.tumblr.com)

5. When your start wear hijab ?  Please tell the story with the readers..
I started to wear hiijab since elementary school, because from kindergarten through senior high school, I was school in Islamic schools that require the girls to wear hijab.
But I really started istiqomah to continue wear hijab when I was third grade in junior high school.
Maybe I can say that I am beginning to wear hijab because it is an obligation on the school, but later it became a habit. Then by increasing the awareness and knowledge that hijab is a must, now finally I'm very comfortable to always wear hijab without any compulsion.

6. Who is your inspiration in hijab ? why ?
Hmm.. Actually I have no idea exactly who inspire me in hijab. Because in my opinion, every Muslimah can be an inspiration for each other.
For hijab style, maybe I inspired from some hijab bloggers that certainly familiar for you.
However, for my hijab style is return again with my own comfort and suitability.

7. Please describe your style ?
Comfort, Confidence, Syar'i ----- wear comfortable clothes or hijab that will make us confidence, but still syar'i.

8.Please tell the readers, about your blog ?
My blog contains a lot of things. Starting from my hijab styles, events that I've ever attended, the impression when I met some Muslimah who inspire, about my family, and some photos that I took.
And now I have a new feature on my blog, it's called "THE INTERVIEW". "THE INTERVIEW" contains my short interview with some Muslimah, which Insya Allah can inspire for other Muslimah.

9.  Do(s) and don't(s) for wearing hijab ?
Do(s): Wearing hijab that neat & cover chest. Please do not wear tight clothes (loose clothes is so much better). Wearing hijab & clothes that comfortable & appropriate with your personality.

Don't(s): Too much wear accessories or wear outfit that containing too much patterns/colors. Wearing hijab style that is too complicated (to make it easy when you will wudhu for prayer). Please don't wear legging or tight as an outer, because actually it's an inner.

10. And the last, what your plans from today to 10 years later?
My plans for next 10 years.. I hope I can be a good doctor, make my parents and also my family proud of me.
I can continue my medical studies to become a specialist.
I hope I have a family that always sakinah, mawaddah, and warahmah. Aamiin..
I have a dream, one day I wish I could have my own clothing line for hijab clothes. Aamiin..
Me and Ka Indah
Meisza Adilla Herssy 

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