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December Interview : Ridho Yuriansyah Putra

Waalaikumsalam wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh

1.Assalamualaikum mas
Waalaikumsam wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh

2. Please introduce yourself  
in english? hmm, Okay i try :3 sorry for my bad english before, oke my name is Ridho Yuriansyah Putra , am the second and the last of my parents child, you can call me ridho, am 23yo now, but in december i'll be 24yo insyaAllah.. i works in oracle partnership company and am an system engineer. I love everything about Islam since my parents teach me, i love more Islam history since i read Ustd felixsiauw books Muhammad al fatih 1453,i learn more about : "Allah promises is real,what Rasululullah Muhammad SAW tell is the truth, and what Al-quran wrotten is the true way of life". I love my parents and i want to make them happy in the future, oke thats all

3. What you're activities now ?

 Activities.. hmm.. working everyday from monday till friday but tentative sometime saturday and sunday i hve to works too.. every saturday night i hve liqo/tarbiyah with my labkom campuss friends.

4. When did you start to have blog/tumblr?

Tumblr, since 2011, but not too much update, not likes on 2012 :D iam focusing in Islamic quote and some of life story.

5. I love your quotes about islam,When your start write about islam ?

 Start since july 2012 on tumblr, usually i share and makes quotes on facebook..

6.Please tell the readers, about your tumblr/blog ?

 My tumblr blog is about life story and islamic quotes and sometimes in related to me and i hope it will makes somebody fell the Islam, and can learn together about islam.

7. And the last ,what your plans from today to 10 years later?
Plans for 10 year later : Get married, finishing my works, be an enterpreneur, go to makkah do Hajj with my family and hmm, and keep spreading the Islam as Jihad, insyaAllah and i hope i can go to gaza and meets some heroes there.Aamiin.

Finish :)

Best Regards,
Ridho Yuriansyah Putra

PS : His tumblr ( )

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