Senin, 17 Desember 2012

Low Prices but Good Quality


Hello readers, do you miss me ? :p Hihihihi...
 And i wanna share story about Sekaten. Sekaten itu adalah acara rakyat Yogya sampai Januari.
Sekaten at Alun-Alun Lor Keraton Yogyakarta and i go there with my lovely ka Indahrp
One of the things that was there is "Awul Awul".

The word "Awul Awul" is a term for the imported clothing and second-hand clothes which sold at affordable prices.
The word "Awul Awul" itself is to appoint how the clothes are selected, like we search for valuables things that hidden in a pile of clothes.

So, here we go.. When good enough quality clothes meet the low prices, yeay! And i found 5 outwears, exactly so cute and only 72.500,00 Rupiah ( when meet dollars is 7,25 ) maybe.. And i'm so kalap ;P

Ka Indah's choice


My Choice
Only Rp 55.000,00

Only Rp 17.500,00

Meisza Adilla Herssy

4 komentar:

  1. sorry for this late replying n TQ so much for the visiting yerr :) oh d place looks extremely cool! yup i love cheap things but high in quality..hehe

    1. Thank you for following me now dear, too dear.. heheheh... And you can buy the cute clothes at there... :)

  2. WOW Jogjaaa, the place that I miss a lot!
    I have a plan for my next holiday in January and guess! I plan to go to Jogjaaaaa. oh God I am so excited!
    umm maybe we can have a lil meeting there :p
    Have a great day dear!

    Would you mind to follow each other? ;)

    1. Come come hear ka ! I'm waiting you come here,and insyaAllah we can have lil meering .... Have a great day too ka !

      Sudah lama loh ka, echa follow kakak :p


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