Sabtu, 06 Juli 2013

JFW 2013 before The Show and The Show by Wiwid Howat .


Yesterday i'm helping ka Wiwid Howat for her fashion show. So much fun when i'm at backstage. Hectic and etc. What a perfect day :) Walau pun kamu lagi cape-capenya , dan terbayar rasanya waktu ngeliat modelnya sukses distage. Deg-deg'annya adalah takut jilbabnya copot distage, tapi Alhamdulillah banget semuanya lancar .

Thank u so much for ka Wiwid Howat yang sudah mempercayakan hijab stylist buat echa <3

4 komentar:

  1. Echaaaa seru banget ya JFW!! Seneng bgt bisa bagian dari acaranya... :D.

  2. waaaah echa jadi hijab stylish acara JFW?? semuanya echa yang ngehijabin XD
    OMG congrats and so awesome cha!! ^^

  3. i've never been to any fashion show in my whole life.. there's probably a london fashion week in september, insyaAllah i can make it! you're lucky to hv been to one, the designs are gorgeous.

    follow my blog and youtube channel? i'd be really grateful as i'm quite new at this.. <3

    1. oh and i think i've checked out your diary blog. hehe you're lovely ;)


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