Jumat, 27 September 2013

Lost in Pine Forest ~

Assalamu'alaikum beautiful .

Dear you, Happy weekend ! Punya banyak tugas yang harus diselesaikan segera because my aunty coming this town tomorrow. Seneng banget rasanya karena itu artinya bisa kangen-kangen'an. 

Anw, I have some photos at Pine Forrest. Last week , me and my bestfriends went to Pine Forrest. Have fun trip. Love the fresh air, love the view . And i called "Petualangan Sherina".

This photo session especially for kak "Nabilla Ayumi" as designer my flower top. Hello bday momma. Sukses terus ya kak Bibil with ur little family, Shabillanya dan sukses JFW 2014 nya. So sorry ya kak, echa gak bisa datang. Huhuhu... Always sending prayer for you ka Bibil <3

Super bestfriend ! 

Here we are !

My Outfit :

Top : Shabilla
Jeans : Unbranded
Socks : Soka
Shoes : Crocs
Bag : Gucci
Watch : Jacque Martin

6 komentar:

  1. Thanks for your lovely comment :)
    Are you Indonesian?

    Mind if we follow each other?
    Let me know
    kisses from Australia :*

    Please visit my blog here:
    Ichi and Pristan

  2. You look so cute! Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog! :D


  3. hutan pinus dimana ini? kalo aku suka trip kehutan pinus yang diimogiri, jogja :)

  4. nice place and looks fresh.. thank you for coming to my blog..:)

  5. Serunyaaaa jalan2 bareng temen2 ada photo session pula. Ni yang fotoin pasti firman ya? :D


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