Jumat, 25 Mei 2012

Farewell Party Day :)

Me with my lovely dad

with my aunty,and she is so good for my make up

With baby Irdino 

My family


With Iswari 
With Maya

Me and Dana

Sella and Dana ehemm

The boys <3


Mam Purwaningsih (Physics)

With my best friend (Belle)

Dana again...

with Ristya

Gahoel <3

With Indi

with my besties Maika

with Nove

Mama Lia

The boys from social 2

With Ebi

Singer from Smasa,Putri Akbar ! She have super voice !

Me at Slideshow

"Ingatlah Hari Ini'' by Sciene 2

King and Queen at farewell party . Tamami and Besty

Science 2

With Febby and Singer (Putri)

With my Ex ( Abi Syarwan)

With Tia <3

With Sasa and Kidud

Sasa looks so beautiful

Indra , Ebi and Me

With social 2 boys..

With Ebi 

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