Jumat, 28 September 2012

Creative !

Assalammualaikum guys...

Hello Friday, uh aww.tomorrow weekend but i don't have schedule for weekend -,- uhh...*derita single*
Oke..next, i wanna share my daily style for ngampus :p
You know what ? My vest is my shawl by kivitz. and taramm the shawl can be vest..
Cute right ?

I feel so beautiful darl today :p
This outfit for ngampus, anyway dosen saya mengharuskan murid-murid perempuannya memakai rok..
Makanya saya hari ini pake rok, yahh...
Yeah ! I'm sorry this photos so blur (kata dedek, ngapain majang foto blur ? me : siapa yang motoin--")
Okey... You can creative guys ! Your shawl can be the vest ! :)

Selamat menjoba..

Radar Neptunus

Time is money

My Outfit :

Hijab : Unbranded
Vest : Kivitz
Shirt : Unbranded
Skirt : Al-Fath

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