Selasa, 25 September 2012

The Sketchs

Assalammualaikum guys...

How are you today ? What your planning today ? I go to campus at 3 pm... Yuhu, and now i still blogging in my laptop.. Hihihihi...
Anyway i have some sketchs gifts from my some bestfriends..

Okey first the skecth from Iswari Fitrian , my senior high school friend. And he is one personal of gahoels ganks :p  Thank you Iis... And this sketch before when i wanna go to Jogja.  Sebagai hadiah perpisahan katanya,biar ingat dia terus :p ♥

From Iswari

Second sketch from my Junior high school friend. Her name is Admi Lidya Sari , Thank you dya for really cute sketch... Love...

Cute me :) Thank you dya <3

And the last, special gift from my college friend :) :) Fatkhurrahman Firmansyah and i call him dedek :p Look my last post and you can look her face why me call him dedek :p Thank you ya dedeekk ♥

Thank you lovely dedek :p

 And again thank you Iswari, Lidya and Firman for the sketchs.. Love...♥


Meisza Adilla Herssy

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