Jumat, 29 Maret 2013

Difficult !


Yihaaa.... Finally i'm back dear . I can't blogging because my internet so trouble and yeahhh i'm busy with some tasks... Dudududu... It's long weekend but i can't back to my city because have a some activity. Dunno why, but i'm homesick now :'') So forget my homesick, and i must enjoy with my some activity. I really hope i'm enjoy , because i really stress about some tasks and etc fufufu....

This is photos before saturday nite with Maika. And this is really late post :)) Happy ... Happy long weekend my readers <3

My Outfit :

Black Shawl : Unbranded ( I bought at Mekkah)
Inner Ninja : Annisa - Jogja
Black Shirt : Unbranded
Polka Vest : My design
Jeans : Unbranded

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